Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The girls

We've been letting them roam the yard the last few days. It's nice to see them out an about. They pretty much stick together in a little pack and spend their time scratching around under the trees picking the old berries off the salal or doing a little weeding in the garden. (They're surprisingly great weeders and have only taken down one wrong plant. Sorry little gaura.)

Marian still finds her way back to the hen house to lay her daily-ish egg. She's our only layer so far. (Though we did have some mysterious goo/poo on the boardwalk this afternoon that's probably someone working up to their first real egg. Yuck.)

I love looking out the front door and seeing these fluffy ladies busying themselves out there.

It's super fun to have chickens. Just so's you know.


Tracy said...

that it is ;)
this made me jealous though... all that green!

Soon, Then said...

I totally want some at our new house... after we get more settled and feel like we can take more on. Someone told me if there is no rooster, one of the hens will start to crow. Is that true?
How are you?

Smorg said...

Aha! So it is a chicken you were palming in a latter post. :o) These guys are so cute!