Thursday, August 27, 2009

Treasure just below the surface

Do you all know how fun it is to dig up your own potatoes?

The best tasting treasure ever! I think I love it the most in my family. But Calder's a close second.

Growing your own onions is pretty neat too. We had a good crop this year. First time growing them.

They're all harvested and laid out for the leaves to dry before storing.

We're headed out tomorrow for a long weekend in the woods with 8 other families. It's year two (for us anyway) of the big Southtown Campout. Great neighbors rock! See you when we return.

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Soon, Then said...

I have heard from tons of people how fun it is to harvest potatoes. Sadly, (and a little bit madly), literally the day after we moved out of our duplex, our neighbors (whom we shared the garden with) harvested them without us and didn't even offer up any to share when I asked! I was ticked, but oh well. Next year we'll have our own garden and no such thing will happen! Yours look lovely.