Monday, August 03, 2009

Looking back on the weekend... with tacos

The boys had a great train ride and fun visit in Portland with Aunt Julie. I got a lot of art-related work done at the house. We met up on Friday afternoon and our weekend together began.

Friday evening after dinner we went to the Aardvark Fun Park over at nearby OES. This is the most phenomenal play structure I know. It was built in '91 by members of the OES community and might be slated for removal. (I can't really get a clear message on this.) At any rate, it's there now, so if you're in the area I recommend checking it out sooner rather than later. I found this site that gives some info and directions to the school.

Sorry I don't have any photos of the Aardvark play structure itself. I was too busy climbing around to take photos. It's huge and has so much to explore. I like that it's made of wood - a seeming rarity in these days of plastic playgrounds. It's polished and worn from years of play and rain. Splinters weren't an issue. And it even smells good on a warm evening. Besides the large wood structure there are a number of newer ones, some obviously for younger kids, and others more advanced for older ones. There's a lot to explore. Don't miss the amphitheater with the giant Lincoln Logs, and out on the track the big pads for pole vaulting and high jump are fun to bounce on as my mom, Calder, Jeff and I will attest to.

To end our PDX weekend we enjoyed a mess of ¿Por Qué No? tacos on our way out of town. They seriously hit the spot. I know Jeff will agree, but I think others will as well, a taco like this might just be the best food in the world. I'm confident I could eat them for every meal. (Hey Jeff, let's go to Mexico and test this theory!)

The fresh white sangría took care of the heat for me.

This hot little taco shop had an industrial fan in the doorway and Calder enjoyed his bowl of rice and beans with queso fresco and a face full of relief. By the way, the shirt he's wearing was mine. It's from my old preschool in Houston, the Children's Greenhouse "A Natural Place to Grow". Loved that place.


LCP said...

Just found your blog after searching for "Children's Greenhouse" to see when it had closed down. This t-shirt brings back memories of when I went there! Nice blog and craft work :)

rebecca said...

Hi LCP! I don't know who you are, and Blogger won't show me an email, so I'm hoping you will check back here. Did you also go to The Children's Greenhouse? I was one of their first 2 students back in 1978 or there a bouts. Mrs. Weathers and Mrs. Vroulis were in charge, and I have many wonderful memories of my time there. I can only hope my own boys will look back as fondly on their early childhood experiences.