Monday, May 18, 2009

These are the days

Marian is the most personable of our 9 chicken ladies. I bet she'd spend the day on my shoulder if I let her. Thursday morning I was pecked in the eye by Bessie. She got me good. Took a little chunk out of my cornea. I went to the eye doctor, he gave me some ointment and it's all healed now, thank goodness! From now on no playing Dr. Doolittle with my birds without wearing protective goggles. (For the record, I don't blame Bessie. I brought her right up close to my face for a chat and she must have thought my pupil was a bug and went after it.)

My mom's sisters were in town from North and South Carolina. They came down for an overnight in Corvallis and got in a lot of good time with Calder. We had a fabulous, bountiful (we pretty much ordered everything on the menu!) meal at Gathering Together Farm. And the B+B where they stayed, the Hanson Country Inn, was just right.

And I'm becoming a regular at one of my favorite restaurants, the Hands-On Cafe at OCAC. We had another delectable brunch - this time outdoors on the patio. And I made reservations for a group of friends from Corvallis to gather there a few Sundays from now.

I love the buildings at OCAC. The setting. The colors. This place is riddled with dapple.

The jewelry and ceramics departments were having sales and I found these two beauties to bring home. I'm imagining tiny floating flowers, or a shot of thick hot chocolate like the kind from SahagĂșn, or espresso, or a little sipping liquor with a big ice cube like this. Lots of good things.

Maybe some more chicken portraits today. It's their 1 month birthday.

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