Monday, May 04, 2009

Photo shoot at two weeks

Take a look and you'll see what I mean when I say we're living with a bunch of scruffy angels. Some of these guys really look like they've gone through the wringer, but let me just say, they are all quite sweet and personable. Marian especially. She'll spend an hour with you if you let her, but that doesn't come across in her photos where she really hunkers down on the drop cloth. I've included a second shot of her just to show that she really does want to be with her humans more than any of the other biddies.

Alright, so here's our brood back at the one week mark - all fluff.

And here they are today (in the same order they appeared in the last round of portraits for easy comparison.) Man, I can only imagine the growing pains they must be experiencing. The feet, the beaks, the combs, the feathers all growing so fast!




Marian being her real self



Mary Lou


Sarah (our smallest and still no tail feathers)


Calder, the stylist, offering Bessie support and encouragement. (He even took a few photos.)

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Soon, Then said...

These are SO adorable. I adore the chicken portraits!