Monday, April 20, 2009

They're here!

Born: April 18, 2009
Weight: light as a feather... or two
Sex: Female... we hope!

And I'm already laughing.

These chicks are such characters.

It wasn't all funny today. In fact, it was a lot like what I would expect it feels like to bring home your second child; i.e., short fused with my guy Calder and always worried about how the baby was doing and wanting to watch them a lot. Well, I learned pretty quickly that getting Calder to help with the babies was the cure to the short fuse issue and to his need for attention.

Calder's so great with the chicks. He's interested and really wants and likes to hold them so gently. He talks to them. "Aw... hello baby chick." He calls whomever is holding one "Mama Chick" and is genuinely concerned with their happiness.

I think our set-up will work. It feels a little hot, but they aren't all piled up far away from the light. They're eating and drinking and pooping and sleeping anywhere and everywhere just as they should.

Don't worry. She's only sleeping. They're like narcoleptics, falling asleep in an instant and collapsing on the floor... or the feeder... or the nearest neighbor.

Softies/suckers that we are we adopted a 9th chick (not pictured.) What's one more? The hatchery added in 2 for free to ensure there were enough bodies in the box to keep warm on their journey from Iowa. (Can you imagine?) The two they added were from their Rare and Unusual Breeds collection. We took one of the extra two. It's and unidentified "big hair" Crested Breed - maybe a Buff Laced Polish based on the online pictures. Only time will tell... or not. The extras weren't sexed, so it might be a male which would be unfortunate since we don't want a rooster.

I'd like to do some portraits of these itty bitties. You know, very studio-like.

+ + +

Well, anyway, they're finally here. The 9 portraits and names will come in time. Right now we're focused on keeping them alive, and, of course, enjoying their company.

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Anonymous said...

very funny Rebecca,

they are really strange looking, and very cute!