Sunday, April 26, 2009

A good excuse

Calder and I skipped stocking up on produce during our last trip to the co-op so we could have an excuse to head out to Gathering Together Farm on Friday. They have a well-stocked farm stand that also serves meals and treats.

Well, in all honesty, the produce buying trip was really an excuse to go out there for some donuts. They bake a delicious variety of pastries from cookies to handpies to our favorite, the potato donuts.

Calder chose a cinnamon one and I the chocolate glazed.

The farm stand's menu now features items cooked in their new earth oven. It wasn't enough to watch other people's pizzas being cooked. We ordered our own and sat down for round two at the table while enjoying friendly conversation with the staff. And we got to meet the head chef, JC, who's the daddy of one of the little girls in Calder's playschool. He's got a pretty impressive resume! I heard a number of rave reviews for his red snapper over pork belly that day. Just another excuse to go back to the farm.

Samples of their earth oven-baked bread (so good!) and mild, creamy parsnip. Try some!

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