Monday, February 09, 2009


Those long weekends with friends, food, and fun sure do go by fast.

We're back from Sunriver. Had a great time. The house worked out well for the 7 families. Hopefully the kids locked in some righteous memories.

The snow on the ground in Sunriver was old and icy. We did some sledding on a micro-run on a ball field, but it wasn't great.

On Saturday folks went up to Bachelor and found a lovely glen at the base of some downhill runs to sled and snack in 6 inches of fresh powder. Much better. And the sky was a beautiful blue.

Little boys who won't wear gloves keep their hands in their pockets a lot of the time.

Blissing out in the snow.

Dorks coming through.

On the way home Sunday we detoured to Smith Rock and took lots of pictures. (Photos here by Jeff.)

We'll have to see how my film shots come out.

And Calder rode next to the window on the way home. This was his first time sticking his hand out to feel the wind. There's a first time for everything, you know.


Anonymous said...

I am honored that you included my photos on the blog. -jeff

Anonymous said...

i love dorks!