Tuesday, January 20, 2009


President Obama!

I didn't think it would feel as cool and different as it did to watch you take the reins today, and in large part, hand them over to us.

Can't wait to talk to Raquel who was at the inauguration in D.C.

* * *

Michelle Obama and I share a birthday. I thought she might have chosen to celebrate this year by attending a basketball game and watching her brother coach. That, apparently, did not happen, but they are planning on catching a game at some point this year.

For my birthday I chose to celebrate with a morning walk in Macleay Park which was so cold, as the sun had not yet reached down into the ravine, that we didn't make it all the way to "witch's castle." After not really working up an appetite, I requested we drive up the hill and have lunch at Skyline Drive-In. It was a good call. We got there just before the rush and enjoyed sandwiches and milkshakes, fries, and chatting with our neighbors in the adjacent booth. Jeff, Calder and I spent the evening with friends on the east side dining on delicious take-out from Pho Van. And on Sunday, I called a post-birthday brunch with family and some friends from Corvallis at the Hands On Café at OCAC because it always so good and they're not open on Saturdays.

I ate my way through another celebration, yet again. Is there a better way to party? I ask you.

P.S. Accidentally left the camera(s) at home, so the birthday celebrations passed undocumented (photographically, at least.)

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