Saturday, December 27, 2008


... on the piano with care...

Can you make out the loaf of cinnamon raisin bread? - part of Calder's stocking contents. Sometimes we fill them so full they end up surrounded by little satellite stocking stuffers.

I do love our stocking traditions. Always a marshmallow in the toe, a wind-up toy or two, and my mom gets a couple Snickers bars, a banana sticking out the top, and a wedge of cheese. For years it was brie, but from last year forward it's been the triple cream Delice de Bourgogne.

I'm calling this the "chalk and socks" Christmas. Calder now has massive supplies of sidewalk chalk (and a lot of other art supplies) and I received no less than 7 pairs of socks... all quite nice and appreciated, by the way. But I would also consider this the "cars and trucks" Christmas because Calder has spent most of the past couple days playing with the pile of Matchbox (and other) vehicles he discovered under the tree on Christmas day. (Not to mention the truck sweater beautifully knit by his Aunt Winnie and the DK truck book which has already been read many times over.)

And then you see this... more than perfectly content popping the bubble wrap.

He's also enjoyed the pair of psychedelic tops which project a laser light show and techno music as they spin. Here, Calder takes a closer look through his new magnifying glass... another awesome gift.

Hopefully I'll get around to putting together a post of the handmade gifts I gave this year. Some have already gone home with their new owners, but I'll try to gather what I can.

And I'd just like to mention how great it was that my parents were able to make it out of arctic Portland to join us on Christmas Eve. And equally nice that Jeff's mom and sister were able to spend all of Christmas Day with us. All day in a house with two fuzzy cats and no major allergies... hooray for that, Julie!

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