Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last weekend the Ladd Carriage House was transported down the streets of Portland.

It was safely returned to its original home neighboring the church that my parents attend. (For over a year the Carriage House has been sitting in a parking lot during the construction of a condominium project which includes a large underground garage over which the it will now reside.)

The move took hours. (I believe it had to travel 4 or 5 blocks.)

There were men in trees to trim away the overhanging branches and people on the ground, myself included, gathering up giant bouquets of fall foliage from the trimmings.

I must say, it was pretty crazy to see such a hulking thing inch its way down the streets of the city; to watch the steady, careful effort of the structural relocation team who appeared prepared for every moment of the move.

Calder, my mom and I took a brief break from slow motion house moving to ride the Portland Streetcar through the "fareless square". The boy loves himself a train ride.

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