Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Every year in September thousands of Vaux Swifts roost in the chimney of the furnace at Chapman Elementary School in NW Portland.

We finally made it over there a few evenings ago to watch as they gather, swirl, and descend en masse into the chimney for the night. Quite a sight.

We also bore witness to an opportunistic peregrine falcon as it swooped in to grab its supper in mid-air. Dang!

Calder was up for a bit of camera antics... follow me!

Stick out your tongue...

Nose to nose...

Point at the camera...


It was another nice evening out with our buddy Raquel. Dinner at Kornblatt's before bird watching. (Man, it seems like that place has really gone downhill. Is it just me?) And dessert at Saint Honoré Boulangerie - orange cake and the eponymous Saint Honoré cream puff creation.

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