Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Made a couple fun things with the mixing bowls and oven this past week.

Soft Pretzels from the recipe here. They were fine. I was, I guess, somewhat let down by the final product, though the process was pretty fun. I've never made them before, so the boiling and knot tying were new to me and interesting.

Half the batch was garnished with salt and poppy seeds which we ate with mustard. The other half was sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

I think they were just too dry for maximum enjoyment. Perhaps a different recipe would be just as fun to make and better to eat.


Here's a dilemma: What do you do when when Grandma Carolyn comes home from the co-op with two quarts of leftover pastry cream? Make Cream Puffs!

This baking adventure was 100% successful (even though I was only responsible for 50% of the ingredients.) The recipe was simple, quick, and by golly those little dollops of dough just puff up with a big hollow inside all on their own!

If we could only be so lucky to always have someone bring home leftover pastry cream. It made this a painless, tasty treat. I'm glad we ran out of puffs otherwise I'd still be eating them!

The recipe link is for profiteroles with coffee ice cream and chocolate sauce. Sounds good, no? Obviously, I just used the puff portion of the recipe this time.

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tinkers555 said...

hmm...those cream puffs look dEE licious.