Thursday, February 07, 2008


Surfing the other day I came across yet another crafty Portlander's (brianamama) flickr site where, among other things, she mentioned a good soup recipe. I cooked it up last night and agree that it's a keeper. The recipe for Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Kale Soup is from the March 07 issue of Cooking Light. My aunt just gifted me a subscription to this magazine, and I look forward to cooking out of it, but this recipe I had to track down online.

**OK. I'm a dork. It was pointed out to me that I, in fact, do no receive Cooking Light. No, the magazine I get is Eating Well. It's a good one too, but you won't find this recipe in there.

I must mention that I opted to buy local pork sausage instead of the sweet Italian turkey sausage called for in the recipe. I'm sure this turned it into a "Cooking Heavy" soup not worthy of the magazine. It was super yummy though. Both Calder and Jeff (generally skeptical of soup as a main course, though in the end usually pleased) liked it a lot.

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Briana said...

Hi Rebecca! Glad you loved the soup too... it seemed to hit the spot at our house. After a look around your blog, seems as though we havea lot in common! My husband is a graphic designer and we have a two-year old little boy. I've been waiting for the right moment to begin a blog for some time, and it looks like you and I share some favorites. Thanks for making the connection! Cheers