Monday, February 18, 2008


We joined a couple other mamas and their littles for a trip to Newport last Friday. The weather was wonderful, a beautiful blue sky, warmer weather, and no wind.

Our first stop was Panini's - an awesome little bakery in Nye Beach where we ordered a cheese pizza (so good!) and picked out some tasty baked treats for later.

Then we walked to the beach. The kids chased birds and threatened to run into the incoming tide and the little creek. We found a nice clam shell and a piece of driftwood to add to our ocean collection.

And finally, though we'd already had a full day and a fun time, we ventured to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It was Calder's first time and only my second. This aquarium is nice and manageable. Though no exhibit is that grand in size, they are high quality and locally relevant. The outside areas with the otters, sea lions and marine birds are cool built amongst interesting rock formations, and we were able to catch the otters at feeding time.

Newport redeems itself on these sunny days. And a visit to Panini's is reason enough to make the trip.

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