Tuesday, January 08, 2008


This past weekend Jeff and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. The traditional gift is wood, so in honor of this we found a wonderful, practically all wood, house to stay at in Oceanside. It is an extremely photogenic place, but sadly our camera was not cooperating so I've pulled images from the owner's site.

The house had a micro/convection oven that we experimented with for baking and roasting veggies. I was even able to pull together enough ingredients from the sparce vacation rental pantry of past guest's leftoveres to make some Tassajara muffins (just missing the egg.) They turned out quite good, (tasting like pancakes, Jeff decided,) despite the odd baking process and the learning curve for a strange cooking contraption.

In typical Oregon coast winter fashion, there was a mighty storm lasting pretty much the entire weekend. Fortunately, the house was sturdy - though it did sway some - and we had the perfect view of all the cloud and wave action from the awesome couch.

Though we did make it to Tillamook to visit the cheese factory and sample some ice cream (as if we didn't already know how good it tasted!) we mostly spent our weekend on the couch reading Kerouac, Joyce Carol Oates, Goodnight Moon, and 10 Minutes 'til Bedtime.

On our way home we drove south along the coast through great little towns like Netarts and Neskowin. We stopped for lunch at the Otis Cafe where a nice couple shared their table with us in the tiny, crowded restaurant, and we enjoyed a tasty Sunday breakfast/lunch before heading over the snowy VanDuzer Corridor and back home.

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Tracy said...

so beautiful!! (makes me yearn for the pacific northwest...)
and thank you so much for the calendar! (an unexpected and much appreciated surprise.) i love it!! happy new year!