Thursday, August 02, 2007


Calder and his mom and dad went to his first swimming class yesterday. Check out his new suit! He was pretty happy here in the dressing room, but...

...grew skeptical out on the pool deck.

He clung to his mama like a little barnacle throughout most of the class. We think he sort of liked the kicking as if he were swimming across the pool on his tummy. And he did successfully dip under the water passing from the instructor to me without a tear. No doubt it will get easier and more fun as the class goes on. Hope. Hope.

After class we ventured out to Otter Beach - the waterpark area of the pool. That was cool. The pool deck gradually goes underwater like you're walking into a lake, and there's tons of water toys, spouts, fountains, slides, shutes, channels and things to play with.

Back home it was all about al fresco carbo-loading after the big swim.

There are some out there who know exactly what he's saying here... "Ba?"

We shared a nice time watching the evening light through the trees in the backyard.

And again, I say, "Ba?"

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Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! I can't believe that is your back yard, I thought you were out on a hike.

Great pictures, so nice to have so many postings recently.

hope to talk to you soon,