Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We rented a car, a zippy little red number, and headed south for a few days to visit friends in Santa Cruz. Fortunately, the car could actually handle running the air conditioner AND the motor simultaneously so we could cruise down the 100+ degree I-5 corridor in comfort.

The last time Petra and Mark saw Calder he was only 5 weeks old. What a difference! At 10.5 months there were a lot more things to see and do with the little guy.

Here's a look back...

Petra meeting 5 week old Calder for the first time. Ah, the early days.

Dancin' the night away with the bride back in September.

Okay. Back to present day...

Of course we had to hit up the swings at the local park.

Petra took a ride in the toddler playground. Oh ya, she's got skills.

Jeff's tough. This bandana's keeping some fresh ink covered. A photo is forthcoming once it's completely healed and we can take a proper picture.

On our way home we took Highway 1 from Santa Cruz up to the City to get in a bit of the beautiful coastline. I have always loved this little beach, Bean Hollow...

...and the blue sky through the gauzy morning fog over the coastal hills and fields.

It's always a treat to cross the Golden Gate. The structure and the site are perfect for one another. I'm glad I wasn't driving so I could look and photograph.

We took a detour to the Heath Ceramics factory in Sausalito where I sampled a few tiles while Jeff and Calder documented their in-car experience.

This wasn't the ideal trip scenario for Calder - lots of driving through high temperatures - but overall he was a real trooper.

We split the drive into two days to make it easier on everyone. The Dunsmuir Lodge put us up for the night, and we woke the next day smiling and ready to head home.

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tinkers555 said...

hooray! somebody didn't go to bed last night... i love the blueberry boy :)