Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Calder's life is getting busier. There's a lot to do around here, you know? So it's good to take time out to consider the view. The swings offer a great vantage point.

Calder can now feed himself Cheerios. It's a great thing. Gotta watch him close though. He won't stop on his own!

A lucky day at the thrift store landed us with a bead roller coaster. Right now it's just neat to spin the beads on the wire. The coaster part is fun for Jeff and I, but not that big a deal to the boy just yet.

I have been known to annoy Calder with props. He's very honest. I like that. It keeps me "present".

Like I said at the beginning, Calder is really busy these days. Trust me, there's plenty of blurry pictures to prove his increased mobility and activity. I don't know that they'd make for the prettiest blog posts, and I don't really get as many moments to even try to post as I'd like.

We hope you will bear with us during this busy time. As I write, I am surrounded by all manner of illicit baby entertainment - phone cords, highlighter pens, a self-service bowl of Cheerios, all provided by me, the mama - and none of it keeps his attention for long enough to write even a sentence. It's just the way it is, and that's why you might not see us here as often as we'd hoped.

Nevertheless, we'd love to hear from you. So "comment" or send us email. We like that.


tinkers555 said...

i love those big squishy cheeks!

holarubia said...

ACK! You're a mother!! Oh my, it has been a while since we talked! I have to tell you, Eric and I are trying for a baby right now, and I've been totally obsessed on Calder as a name. That's so ironic!

Drop me a line at holarubia@verizon.net and let's chat. Good to hear from you. :)