Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Calder's first tooth, a sharp little bottom thing, popped through two days ago. He's been experimenting with it when he nurses... not fun, but for the most part he's careful with me. Thank you baby.

We picked up some maple teething biscuits from the co-op last night and let him have at it. Boy did that kid go for it! Much drool.

His dad showed him how to really chomp down.

Calder enjoys food besides breastmilk. This boy is a sweet potato addict! He also eats banana, applesauce, carrots, squash, rice and whole grain cereals, prunes, and likes tasting my grapefruit slices and sipping OJ when I'm having it. We can now add teething biscuits to his food list. We cannot, however, include anything green yet. He has filed a complete and utter objection to both peas and beans. I wonder what he'd think of broccoli?

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