Saturday, December 09, 2006


Quite a leap, I know, to go from swollen feet and 9 months pregnant in July to a photo of a 3-and-a-half month old in the bath with dad. Would you believe we've been a little busy? It's true. These past few months have been a wonderful time filled with SO many changes to our life as we knew it. Calder is incredible! He's got quite the personality, is a big talker, and gets a little touchy at the drop of a hat. We're learning him, and he's got us completely wrapped around all 10 of his little fingers.

It's not been easy, as an artist/crafty person to spend so much time away from my projects. Calder's not a big sleeper... he won't do it alone, and rarely will he do it during the daytime hours for any extended period of time. I certainly don't mind keeping him close or giving him all the attention, but it would be nice to have a craft that I could do while I'm sitting and he's sleeping/nursing for so many hours. I've tried some handbuilding with clay, and we'll have to see how that goes over time. I should probably do some knitting or sewing. Calder does need a stocking for his first Christmas. I'll keep you posted on the progress there. The wool sweater (the source of the fabric for the stocking) has been felted in the washer and now I need to get going with the scissors and trims. Here's a picture of the stocking I made for Jeff last year. I suspect Calder's will follow in this vein.

I have been able to explore a lot of wonderful arts and crafts blogs while nursing the boy - horray Boppy pillow! There are a lot of folks out there doing wonderful, artful things with little ones in the house. I can only imagine that as Calder matures I will gain moments of time to do some of the things that I cannot do with my hands right now. I'll link to the special blogs that I enjoy reading daily.

Here's wishing that the future of "Rebbermade" be filled with creativity and lots of fun mama stuff!

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